Permaculture Design Foundations

A Course in Exploring, Experiencing and Embodying the Foundations of Permaculture

Lancaster Permaculture Design

Integrating the Foundations and Design Process of Permaculture with Community and Relationship Building at the Lancaster Community Gardens

  • An Introduction to Permaculture Ethics, Principles, and Guiding Philosophies
  • Skills in the art of Permaculture Design with seasoned artists and designers
  • Hands-on demonstrations in appropriate permaculture technologies and the opportunity to explore forest farming and mushroom cultivation
  • Exploration of plant guilds, pollinators, and biodiversity within a permaculture landscape
  • Patterns and Sacred Spaces in Nature
  • Integrating our animal friends into our design
  • Traditional and Natural Building Practices
  • Expansion of our food cultivation
  • Contemplation, exploration, play and deep dialogue with nature
  • Applying permaculture to ourselves in our work, relationships and self-care practices
    . . . . . . . . and so much more!!!

Planning and designing our personal and professional spaces through a sustainable, ecological lens means balancing the care of our natural world with the care for humanity in a manner that is fair, non-depleting and supportive.

Utilizing best planning and management practices, and permaculture design principles:

  • We can develop operational procedures within businesses that sustain the triple bottom line (planet, people and profit);
  • We can foster resilient, thriving communities that connect with and nourish local natural environments that support the community;
  • We can protect ecosystem services that provide enormous value to our lives; and
  • We can design and care for gardens, edible forest, and medicinal grounds inspired by nature.
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