The Permaculture Way

As we move through changing times, how will humanity band together through mutual respect, compassion, and understanding to build a more resilient and restoring world?

There is a way. The Permaculture Way.

March 3-5, 2017

An Introduction to the movement that supports real connections, healthy relationships and build community.

Permaculture is defined as a conscious design of human systems – food production, energy, buildings, relationships, economics, and communities – in a way that fosters respect, compassion, and understanding of all living beings and it’s being successfully practiced around the world.

Join us for a lively experiential learning weekend filled with deep dialogue, interactive exercises, sharing, openness, and promise as we explore the permaculture way. This experience is intended for anyone wanting to know more about permaculture, living happy, healthy and whole in simplicity, and building compassionate, diverse neighborhoods and communities.


Conscious Design of Your S.E.L.F.

A Personal Immersion in permaculture, mindfulness, and earth wisdom

April 20-23, 2017

Led by Stacey Doll, AICP

Every one of us is part of an ecosystem. We are as important to that ecosystem as are the trees, rain, sun and moon, yet we spend so much of our time fighting against the natural rhythms of the world and disconnected from our true authentic S.E.L.F. – our Spiritual Ecological Life Force. Permaculture, a practice in applying ecological systems and thinking to our landscapes and homes, has given us a set of ethics, guiding principles and a design process for creating regenerative and resilient lives. Yoga has given us the basis for compassion, acceptance, presence, and understanding. Shamanism and other earth wisdom practices have given us the rituals and ceremonies to celebrate and connect more deeply with nature and therefore with ourselves.

Join me for this evolutionary experience in applying these proven practices on your S.E.L.F. and align your schedule, relationships, plans, and dreams with your internal landscape and outer ecosystem. Choose to design a life that fulfills you and ignites your passions while being in service to a greater abundance of health and happiness for all living beings. This experience is suited for anyone who wants to take some time to examine their patterns, behaviors, lifestyle, and dreams in a safe, sacred space for learning, sharing, healing, and designing your best path forward.