Yogis are modern day Shamans, Medicine Wo(Men), and Healers. How do we incorporate ceremony on the mat? How do we tap into our inner ecology and experience ordinary magic through the elements? And how do we expand this inner knowing out into the world?

Earth & Sky Yoga is an empowering and dynamic blend of Yoga and Shamanism, rooted in the deep remembering of our connection to Mother Earth. Indigenous practices from Guatemala, Peru, Siberia, and North America are woven into traditional and non-traditional yogic practices to support and awaken the senses on and off of the mat. We will learn how to shapeshift our habitual states of being to become change agents for cultural and ecological inclusion, expansion, and evolution.

This experience, designed for yoga teachers and healers, is like no other. Join us on this journey to shapeshift into higher consciousness and integrate the ancient wisdom of shamanism with a bold and evolutionary approach to guide and empower others on their yoga and mindfulness path.

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