Yoga Teacher Training

The 2016 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training/Develop Your Practice Program

The next YTT training will start in May 2016

The 200-hour Yoga NH Teacher training/Develop Your Practice (TT/DYP) Program will be held at Root to Bloom Yoga & Wellness Studio. The program is designed for students who want to become yoga teachers as well as for those who are interested in deepening their personal practice. During the program, you begin to examine your life choices and notice what makes you come alive. It is so much more than learning to teach yoga.

teachertraining2The 200-hour TT/DYP Program at Root to Bloom is part of the larger Yoga NH program whereas our community in Littleton will engage with the yoga TT/DYP communities in Portsmouth, Nashua and Concord as we are all part of the larger Yoga NH community. This is not offered in any other NH program. During the eight months, the primary training will occur at Root to Bloom Wellness and Yoga Studio in Littleton and four times during the program, all four 200-hour programs and the 500-hour program will join together in Concord. This provides the opportunity to extend each group to a larger yoga community with the intention to inspire, connect and support one another as we experience our yoga journey now – and in the years to come! These sessions will be led by Maureen Miller, director of Yoga NH, the 500-hour students, and the Yoga NH Program Directors. Stacey Doll, owner of the Root to Bloom Yoga and Wellness studio is one of the four Yoga NH Program Directors and your primary teacher for the sessions led at Root to Bloom in Littleton.

teachertraining1Stacey Doll will be incorporating her style of Earth-based yoga into the training connecting our yoga practice and our way of living to the rhythms of the natural world. As a long time environmental planner and steward of the earth, Stacey has transformed the way she teaches and practices yoga, developing a system that begins from our roots, through the core and trunk of our being, to the full expression, extension and blossoming of our lives.

In addition, the Yoga NH 200-hour TT/DYP Program’s foundation includes the 8-limbs of Yoga, the 7 main Chakra System, Anatomy of the Spirit, and Asana Exploration – including teaching all levels, modifications, alignment, adjusts/assists, sequencing, and practice teaching. In this program there is a need for the commitment to live mindfully and be open to what arises. This is why the program is open to all – those who want to teach and those who want to examine life and deepen their yogic practice.

To learn more about the 200-hour TT/DYP Program, email Stacey!

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