About Stacey

I grew up a kid of nature. My parents were environmentalists in government who spoke enthusiastically about preserving our beautiful earth while I played in the woods, streets and fields coming home at sunset with grass stains on my knees. At that early age I knew, “I was going to make a difference in this world” which was my response to anyone who asked me from childhood to my young adult years what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Well I’ve grown up, but I’m still a kid of nature. And I work hard every day to stay connected to our beautiful earth, learn her lessons, let her heal me and inspire me to be my best. My way of making a difference in this world is two-fold:

I believe the way we live, eat, play and work should be in harmony with our natural world. We are not separate from the ecosystem: we are a part of the ecosystem. By designing and planning personal home spaces to local businesses to communities through an ecological lens, I work with people to find that harmony with the natural world and fulfillment that comes from embracing simplicity, sustainability, and happiness.

Through greater connection to the natural world, I am fortunate to have opened my mind, body and spirit to a different path to bringing in balance and wellness into my life. Rooted deeply in the eight limbs of yoga and outdoor adventure, I inspire people to breath, move, heal and enjoy life in a healthy holistic way.

I am a kid of nature. Wanna play?

Stacey’s Ecological Design and Planning Certifications
Stacey’s Yoga and Wellness Certifications

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