Permaculture Design Course (fall 2012/winter 2013)
Articulated Goals & Samples of Design Work

Water is the most valuable and plentiful resource on the site. Therefore it is captured for aquatic habitats and utility purpose use on site, and mitigated to diminish the impact on neighboring lands and lessen the impact on lands downstream.

The site supports an adaptive and evolving outdoor kitchen complete with a designated natural outdoor kitchen space enveloped by herbs and edible plants that is a welcoming gathering space for family and friends. It is supported by a variety of edible forest gardens, experimental food crop plant beds, hops for our friends who brew and a year-round greenhouse.

Sustaining cross habitation is important and is expressed through the variety of comfortable locations on site for both human and other animal species to gather, live, eat and play. The human and animal habitats that traditionally have encouraged gatherings on site have been expanded and integrated to create a cohesive, comfortable and safe shared space.

The traditional setting and infrastructure on site has been preserved and restored embracing sustainable living, efficiency and renewable uses as well as providing a foundation for a solid home business that incorporates yoga and permaculture and sustainability consulting.

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