As a small child growing up in America’s suburban sprawl on the outskirts of Washington DC, I found comfort and refuge in the creek beds and woods surrounding my neighborhood. It wasn’t uncommon for me to adorn my face with smudges of mud, form tribes in the trees and use my instincts and intuition to guide my dance and play as I hopped from rock to rock, climbed on sturdy oak branches, and hid in the dense foliage of a forsythia bush. My wildness was alive and thriving. I was a child of nature and the machines and systems that lived beyond my forested walls were just background noise to what was real and true.

But then as we tend to do, I grew up, left the sanctuary of the natural world and took my place among the machines and systems our world was growing more and more accustomed to, allowing their consequences to affect my culture, my health, my expectations of myself and others, and ultimately, my sanity. I spent years working in the field of environmental planning, sustainability, climate and energy action and yet my wildness remained dormant. I was convinced that the only way to save our natural world from the growing demand of an Industrial Revolution was to fight and to sacrifice myself and to make enemies and allies and choose sides and loose sleep and be angry and blame and feel the undeniable weight of humankind’s demise.

Then I decided to go for a walk. Not a short walk. A fairly long walk. For two months along the Appalachian Trail. My intent was to escape the “real world” for some peace and quiet time in the woods and what I rediscovered was indeed the real world. And upon my return from this journey I found a new path to follow, one illuminated by mindfulness, co-living, compassion, nurturing ourselves and the land, the allowance of all voices to be heard, understanding, vulnerability, and love. Through my extensive trainings and creative ventures in yoga, permaculture, shamanism, and teaching, I’ve always known that someday, I would create the space for people to come together to have deep dialogue, engage in play and activity, to share their emotions and dreams, and to rekindle their wildness in nature. So on this day where we celebrate our Earth Home, I’d like to invite you to join me in doing just that. I welcome you to The Wild Roots Experience . . . . . . . .

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