Every morning before I begin writing, I sit in meditation and ask “what am I grateful for today.” It usually only takes a moment for a grand idea to come to mind and begin to take form: my parents, my best friend, Mother Earth, the AT and so on. As I sit quietly taking a moment to connect in with what has come up from the bottom of my heart, my mind begins to flow as more of the story unfolds. Then I write.

Some mornings one or two ideas come to mind and I must choose, or I let my intuition chose, where I will focus my gratitude for the day. Today was different. Today was more like watching a series of flash cards or better yet, do you remember those red plastic view finders from the 70s? The ones where you pulled down the lever and a new image popped up? Well sometimes; sometimes they got stuck halfway between images. But that’s not the point. The point is that today I’m not grateful for just one thing but all the small simple things that make my life so grand. There are hundreds I could share but I’d like to take a moment just to share a few.

Today I am grateful for . . . . . .

  • The warm glow, vibrancy and dance of a campfire, both big and small; the way the flames unfurl while my mind, in a trance, gazes deep into the center of the hottest coals, mesmerized for hours.
  • When my dogs sleep on the couch next to each other and all their paws, back feet and front feet, gather together in a single pile.
  • Sitting on the back deck with Sean, sipping on something strong and neat, sharing a cigar and star gazing.
  • The early morning yoga practices I shared on the beach in North Carolina and New Jersey with just the seagulls, sandpipers, ocean waves and rising sun.
  • The crisp crunch and rustling of freshly fallen leaves under my feet in autumn.
  • The sound and smell of rain through a slightly cracked window while enjoying an afternoon nap.
  • The powerful yet graceful flight of an eagle and a hawk.
  • Home cooked dinner shared with friends on a cold winter night.
  • My grandfather’s sense of humor.
  • The opportunities to travel and explore a variety of cultures, beauty and cuisine in places like Aruba, New Orleans, the northern Pacific coast, Italy, Hawaii, and the national parks of Utah.
  • The creative geniuses that share their paintings, sculptures, poetry, ceramics, dance, craftsmanship and music, making this world a more beautiful place to live.
  • The indigenous tribes who cared for this land and still honor and protect the natural world and its sacred magic from exploitation.
  • Chocolate.

As much as I am grateful for all the big moments and important people in my life, I am just as grateful for those simple moments that bring beauty and love to my life every day.

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