I must say, when I made the commitment to myself, and then announced it publicly, that I would begin this 21-Day Project I was a bit concerned. First of all the idea of putting my thoughts into writing and then sharing those words brought such a strong fear and doubt. I mean after all, who am I to say I’m a writer? That I’m going to start a blog? But secondly, what was I going to write about? I have plenty to be thankful for, don’t I? But how was I going to write about it.

And curiously, it’s not hard at all to write about the things you most appreciate in life if you just take time every day to reflect on them. And what this experience is starting to awaken in me is a new appreciation for everything in my life, not just those things I mentioned over the past 20 days. I mean, I’m grateful to have a life. Grateful that every day I wake up and I inhale and I exhale without even thinking about it. I’m grateful for the beautiful sights my eyes bring to my awareness. I’m grateful for the scents my nose identifies. I’m grateful for the symphony of sounds my ears play for me throughout the day. I’m grateful for the delicious tastes my mouth lets me experience . . . . . especially chocolate. And I’m grateful that my skin and my heart recognize the love in an embrace, a warm touch, the perfect kiss.

Sure, it might be easy to say I’m grateful for my breath and my five senses but I’m also grateful for all the other experiences my life has brought me. I’m grateful for the challenging moments when I break down into angry tears, frustrated and “overwhelmed” (my favorite word to use) as these moments remind me to stay grounded and authentic, relinquishing their grip on me the moment I stop and breath. I am grateful for all the heartaches that reminded me how deeply we can feel love if we open ourselves up to it. I am grateful for sadness that allows me to release emotions so that when joy comes back I feel it stronger than ever. I am grateful for change which reminds me to stay detached and to trust where my life is going.

Today I am very grateful for my life, for every single person I’ve met, every situation I’ve been in, every emotion that I’ve felt, every decision that I have made, every road I’ve traveled, every mountain I have climbed as they have all led me to where I am today. Tomorrow, I continue this wonderful life as I reflect and write for 21-days on transitions and changes, and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds.

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