I’m up early this morning as I am assisting my dear friend and teacher, Stacey (as we joke, the other Stacey) in a Shamanic Reiki Level 1 workshop at my studio this morning. I awoke before my alarm, which isn’t necessarily unusual, and awoke with a soft ring in my ears, a strong sense of purpose in my heart, and a tingling along the surface of my skin. For those that may never have given themselves permission to open up to energy work you may be thinking that I had too much to drink last night or that my allergy medicine really did a number on me. But I know this feeling. Energy is already shifting.

I’m so drawn to energy shifts and energy work because I so very much believed for many years that evolution and change was only possible if we really thought about it, if you really used our minds to control our thought patterns and made a clear decision to force ourselves to think different. No doubt the mind has a very important role to play in shifting attitudes and beliefs but shifting energy is this very quiet, seemingly subtle approach that can have enormous rippling effects on our lives including changing our beliefs, attitudes, mindset and physical habits and traits.

Have you ever been in a conversation that wasn’t going well, you strongly stating your opinion while someone else strongly opposes and you decide that instead of backing your words with more strength and conviction that you will shift your energy instead? If you haven’t, try it. And by shift your energy I’m not saying you have to say anything . . . . . . “I’m going to shift my energy now so that you will understand what I am saying” doesn’t quite get it when dealing with energy work. But just look upon the person or the situation with love and compassion, realize that whatever is going on and no matter how upset you may be that its all superficial, that we are all connected and all trying to do our best. In an argument with someone, stop talking and while they are talking, look upon them with great respect and love. Send them this respect and love without using words. See what happens.

Have you ever woken up, tripped on your way down the stairs, sat on the toilet with the seat up, and then put salt in your coffee. “It’s going to be one of those days.” Or is it? You may face a day with a lot of challenges but you decide whether it’s a challenge or a life lesson. Shift your energy. Allow every challenge to unfold slowly in your mind and look for the lesson within in. Be grateful for the challenge. Take back the day.

The women who are coming today for the training are already feeling the shift. Many of them approached me in the past few days expressing frustration, chaos, sadness, confusion and some even tried to walk away from the work we will do today but after we talked and they realized they were opening themselves up to something very powerful yet very subtle and available to everyone, they eased up on themselves and are waking up in this hour to join us today for this work. Some people look at reiki and other energy work and think its all hocus pocus or unrealistic. I was skeptical myself. But then I asked myself, why not open myself up to experiencing it and then make a decision on how I feel about shifting energy and energy work. All one has to do is experience it once. Watch and feel the transition happen and then you know the power behind it.

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