As I observe the tightly held buds that have emerged on the beech tree that anchors our front perennial gardens, I feel my heart filled with gratitude for the new life that is springing forth this Vernal Equinox day.  The beautiful signs of spring – the soft drippings from the winter snow melting away, the shorten shadows of the trees, the familiar sound of song birds coming home, the light that arrives a little early and lingers a little later – remind me to take time to celebrate the new beginnings that are present in my own life.

After deep reflection and honest dialogue, my husband and I have decided to stay in our home of sixteen years making renovations and restorations to a home and a barn that have hosted many families in our community of Littleton since the 1800s.  Our land in Lyman will continue to be a forest, and our cabin on the land, a place to retreat.  There are long range plans for a permaculture and yoga retreat barn out there some day.  But for now, our energy is in Littleton and we begin in just one week with the guidance and skills of Garland Mill Timberframes whose ethics on building and living in an ecological and mindful way match our own.  And as the walls get buttoned up and the south face sun pours in from new windows, I will continue working on a restoration of the Permaculture Design Plan I did for this home over four years ago.  I’ve already completed a larger scaled basemap and the observation layers for the Analysis and Assessment of the land.  Sean and I even engaged in a new A&A data layer we call the Sensory Inventory which has allowed us to see, sense and feel new and exciting things about the space.  I will be sharing updates and permaculture reflections through blogs in the upcoming months.

In addition, I have the great fortune of teaching a Permaculture Design Certification Course for Green Mountain College this summer.  The college’s sustainable agriculture program and on-campus farm are the cornerstones for this course and I’ll be living and teaching there for three weeks in late May and early June.  When I get back, my focus will be preparing for the amazing opportunity that lies next on my path:  Earth and Sky Yoga at the Omega Institute.  I’m so honored to have the chance to share at such an important healing retreat space and I’ve already felt the powerful shifts in my teaching and languaging since Stacey Gibbons and I have begun to share this unique style of yoga, mindfulness and earth wisdom in workshops around the state.  We are at Omega at the end of July.  When we return, Sean and I will be taking some much needed time off to celebrate our fifteen year (!!!) anniversary.  Redwoods National Park and Crater Lake are in the front running position for destinations.

Last, and something I’m very excited to announce, I will be leading another Permaculture Design Certification Course at my studio, Root to Bloom, this fall and I am so happy to share that the Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network (WREN) is partnering with me to make this experience possible.  The course begins in September and ends before the holidays begin in November.  Participants will have the opportunity to deeply observe their own landscapes through the permaculture lens and design garden, food, energy and water systems, work with permaculture philosophy to strengthen their core values, relationships, and community, and develop tools and experience to help heal the earth.  It is such a powerful course and as I work on the restoration of my own permaculture design and go deeper into my educational resources, I’m giving new life to this course and adding layers that go deeper than have been shared before.

As I said, I’ll be posting updates and stories as this new life, this renewal of earth and soul, take shape.  If you are interested in the fall permaculture design course, joining us at Omega, or just connecting about permaculture, earth wisdom and mindfulness, you can check in here and follow Rooted by Stacey on Facebook.

Happy Vernal Equinox!  Celebrate your new beginnings!!

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