Private Sessions

“Working with Stacey one-on-one has been great. I am brand new to yoga and she has explained every step of the way to me. She doesn’t just tell me to get into a pose, she explains what the pose is for and how I should feel physically while executing it. She makes sure I am not over-exerting myself as well. I like that she also takes the time out to find excerpts from books she has been reading that help ground me and keep me relaxed while in a rejuvenation sequence. She takes the time to talk to you personally and learn what you are looking for out of yoga. To her it’s not just about moving from one pose to another. It’s something deeper than that and that’s what she’s bringing to the table. It’s a lifestyle of inner peace and emotional stability. That personal touch makes all the difference.”


Personalized yoga sessions are available for individuals. These 90 minute sessions include yoga asanas (postures) as well as breath work, meditation, and other aspects of emotional or physical healing as needed.

Sessions are customized to your individual needs, your level of experience and your personal goals. Additional online support through sharing articles, suggested practices, and email correspondences are available for ongoing clients.

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